Worth waiting for

The Men’s 50m Prone qualification was a real test for all the athletes today on this magnificent range in Baku, the light was bright but the targets were in shade and the wind was swirling so much that only a handful of shooters managed to shoot above 622.

The top eight after the qualification were Grimmel (DEN), Parr (GBR), Gorsa (CRO), Shcherbatsevich (BLR), Junghaenel (GER), Kim (KOR), Narang (IND) and Pletikosic (SRB), five of these athletes already making previous finals.

The first 3 shot series saw Grimmel take the lead with 31.2 followed closely by Narang with 31.0 , but to no surprise with the quality of the field of shooters there was only 1.0 point between 1st and 8th !

The next 3 shot series really shook things up with Grimmel slipping from 1st to 7th with Shcherbatsevich still occupying the 8th position and Kim taking 1st place, Parr only 0.2 behind in second. In fact the quality of shooting was so high out of the 24 shots taken during the series only three shots were out of the ten ring.
The next 2 shots decided 8th position , the first to be eliminated was Shcherbatsevich with a total score of 81.8 , it seemed harsh considering his worst shot in the final was one 9.9.

Another 2 shot series was fired and and Narang took 7th position with 103.1 and Pletikosic took the lead for the first time, it was good to see this former world record holder back on top form in this event.

The next 2 shots decided 6th place and it was excellent shooting with 10.8’s from Grimmel and Parr moving them back up the scoreboard, Pletikosic still in the lead and Junghaenel taking 6th position with another great final for him but not enough to replicate his Gold from the World Cup in Rio.

Fifth place went to Kim who in the last 2 shot series shot a 10.1 and a 9.9 , which wasn’t enough against the other athletes and he finished with 144.8 , but fifth place was an improvement on his previous best of seventh.

The top four were now ready to shoot another 2 shots and decide who was going to stand on that podium , Pletikosic having being in the lead had slipped to fourth and ended up staying in that position after a 10.2 and a 10.8 , extremely good shooting from all the competitors leaving Parr and Gorsa tied on 168.8 and Grimmel back in first with 167.0 . Only 0.2 points between the medallist’s going into the last four shots.

The next 2 shots saw Parr and Gorsa again finish on equal score of 187.5 for a shoot off with Grimmel only 0.3 points ahead , the shoot off saw a 10.4 from Parr against a 10.1 from Gorsa , the Bronze medal was awarded to Gorsa, his first final at a World Cup in this event.

The Gold and Silver were to be decide with the last 2 shots and the tension in the finals hall was unbelievable with Parr only 0.3 behind Grimmel . With solid shooting from both athletes it was Grimmel who took the Gold by only 0.4 of a point against Parr who took his first World Cup medal in his career and the first for Team GB in eight years.
We hope all the teams celebrate tonight for the athletes success.