Unstoppable Pejcic Wins Gold

The elimination for the Women’s 3P final was super tough, although it looked less windy than the Men’s Prone yesterday it was hard to read even for experienced shooters and the highest score was 584 shot by Chen.

The finalists for the Women’s 3P were Gold medal winner from Bangkok World Cup 2016 Beer(GER), Shi (CHN), Chen (Chn) Zhao (Chn) Lee (Kor) Peer (AUT) the world number one Pejcic (CRO) Karimova (RUS).

The first series of kneeling shots were a great start to the final with Pejcic and Chen both scoring 10.9’s with their first shots and really excellent scoring series from all the athletes but it was Chen who dominated with 53.6.


After the second series of kneeling it was again Chen with the highest scoring series with a 52.1 , building a small lead over the other athletes , Consistent shooting from the world number one in the next series saw her in second place after the final kneeling series with Chen still in the lead and Lee in third place. Karimova was occupying the final position but with prone and standing to go it was a long way off finished.

The prone series carried on with high scores just as in the kneeling but this is where Pejcic showed her experience claiming back 1.4 points off Chen’s original 2.8 point lead . Peer started to make her way up the table with some good prone scores. Lee having started off well dropped some places but Karimova still occupied the last position, could she make some ground in the first standing series?


The first standing series of five shots is where Pejcic really started to shine the only shooter scoring over 50, Peer was her closest rival on this series with a 49.0 and this edged her closer to the medal positions. The second series of standing saw the first two eliminations and in the end it was Karimova and Lee who took eighth and seventh respectively, now down to the single shots and after the 41st shot it was Beer who took sixth place with 411.7.

Fifth place was now up for grabs and Shi was occupying that position, a 10.0 on her last shot saw her confirmed in fifth place with 424.2. Only four athletes left but only three podium places, with only a 0.3 difference between second and fourth anyone could win a podium place. After the 43rd shot it was Chen who had been in the top three throughout the final missed out and took fourth.

In the medal positions for the first time were Peer and Zhao and 4.4 points in the lead it was Pejcic who was looking to claim her 3rd Gold in a row at ISSF World Cups this year. The 44th shot was going to be exciting and it was Peer with a solid 10.5 to Zhao’s 9.6 that gave the Zhao the Bronze and Peer the chance to claim Gold on her 45th shot. Pejcic remained strong throughout the final and claimed her 4th World Cup medal in 3 positions this year and 3rd Gold in a row, clearly indicating why she is the world’s number one.