• Sports Shooting Psychology – Commitment

    The final post in our Sports Shooting Psychology series is on Commitment - how to keep progressing and working on your goals. Written by Jamie Corkish.
  • Sports Shooting Psychology – Control

    Control – how to keep cool and keep your emotions in check no matter what’s happening during a competition. Written by ELEY shoooter Petra Zublasing
  • Sports Shooting Psychology – confidence

    Sports Shooting Psychology. Confidence - how to believe in what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Written by ELEY shooter Nicco Campriani.
  • Sports Shooting Psychology - Concentration

    Sports Shooting Psychology - Concentration. Staying focused in stressful competition situations by ELEY shooter Matt Emmons.
  • How to clean your rifle, the ELEY way

    In today’s post Martyn Buttery, ELEY’s UK Customer Range Officer, demonstrates how we recommend you clean your rifle to keep it in tip-top condition.
  • ELEY shooters firearms maintenance - Part 4

    Part four of our firearms maintenance series comes from Australian shooter, World Champion Warren Potent.
  • ELEY shooters firearms maintenance - Part 3

    This is part three of our firearms maintenance series where we ask ELEY shooters to tell us how they maintain their firearms for competition use.
  • ELEY shooters firearms maintenance - Part 2

    Firearms maintenance is a serious business especially if you want to really get the most out of your barrel and ammunition combination. This is part two.
  • ELEY shooters firearms maintenance - Part 1

    We asked ELEY shooters how they keep their firearms in tip-top condition for high level competition shooting and will be posting them out on the ELEY Bulletin over the next few weeks.

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