The return of the British 50m Rifle Championships

100% of the Gold medals at the British International 50m Championships were won using ELEY tenex.


Last weekend saw the return of the British 50m Rifle Championships, which was held at the Lord Roberts Centre, home of the NSRA within Bisley Camp, Surrey.


The-British-Rifle-ChampionshipsThe competition was fierce throughout the weekend with three rounds of eliminations before the qualification stage was undertaken. 96 guys battled to be crowned the Mens British 50m Prone Champion leading on to just 34 participating in the qualification stage.

After a gruelling 60 shot competition the top 8 competitors took part in an elimination.

First to be eliminated was Nick Clark despite a strong final string of 10.4 & 10.7, next was Tony Lincoln who took 7th place with an average score of 9.98 per shot. 6th place was awarded to David Binney, with an average of 10.06 over 12 shots. 5th place went to Gary Duff from Northern Ireland with an average of 10.14 over 14 shots. 4th place was secured by Johnathan Andrews with an impressive average of 10.24 over 16 shots. By the 7th series only 1.4 points separated first place and third place.

The pressure began to show within the competitors with each scoring 9s within the 8th series, leaving David Phelps in third place with a total of 184.1, 2.1 points away from first place. The 9th and final series began to decide who would take 1st place, team mates and friends Neil Stirton and Ken Parr battled it out with only 1.1 points between them. Ken scored 10.0, then Neil replied with a 10.5, the points difference between them shrinking, it all came down to the last shot.

Neil kept his nerve, and fired another 10.5, and then it was down to Ken to keep his well deserved 1 st place spot, and he did, responding with a 10.4.


Congratulations to ELEY Sponsored athlete Ken Parr, the 2015 British Prone 50m Champion.