The Professional Shooting League

2016 Shotmaster 10X Winter Shootout

Congratulations to ELEY Shooter Jeff Jeffreys on winning the first Professional Shooting League Match of 2016! Seventy .22LR benchrest shooters came out to compete in the 2016 Shotmaster 10X Winter Shootout. 69 out of the 70 shooters competing at the Winter Shootout chose to compete with ELEY ammunition.
The Winter Shootout is the only indoor PSL match of the season. There were 22 benches available on each of four relays. Competitors rotate benches after each target so there is no chance anyone has an advantage. Shooters completed five targets each worth 2500 points and 25 Xs for a total of 12500 points and 125 Xs available. The scores were close and Jeffreys gained crucial points in the protest period allowing him a 25-point lead over William Casey.

The top 5 finishers for the 2016 Shotmaster 10X Winter Shootout were:

  • 1st Place: Jeff Jeffreys - 11750-58X
  • 2nd  Place: William Casey - 11725-75X
  • 3rd  Place: Bill Dooley - 11675-68X
  • 4th Place: Jerry chapman - 11550-60X
  • 5th Place: Jim Morehead - 11525-76 X

Target winners for the day were:

  • Target 1: William Casey-2400 18X
  • Target 2: Bill Dooley 2450-15X
  • Target 3: Jeff Jeffreys 2450-17X
  • Target 4: William Casey - 2450-16X
  • Target 5: Richard Gorham – 2450 - 15X


Left to right: Jim Morhead, Jerry Chapman, Mark Walter (Owner Shotmaster 10X), Jeff Jeffreys, William Casey,and Bill Dooley.

There are three more PSL Matches to be held in 2016; next up is the Stiller Precision Benchrest Brawl, May 27 in Bristol, VA. The ELEY team will be present during the match May 27, including ELEY CEO Andrew Lane.