Shooters' stories - Jennifer McIntosh

Jennifer McIntosh is a British shooter who most recently took home the Silver medal for Women's 50m 3P and the Bronze medal for 50m Prone Rifle in the 2014 Commonwealth Games.


As Scotland's most decorated female athlete in Commonwealth history as well as being a London 2012 Olympian, we wanted to find out what makes Jennifer tick and so interviewed her to find out more...

ELEY: What got you into the sport of target shooting in the first place?

Jennifer: Both of my parents are rifle shooters - my dad is currently the Head Rifle Coach for Great Britain as well as competing at a Commonwealth Games in 2002.  My mum went to two Commonwealths and won four medals (a Gold, a Silver and two Bronze).

ELEY: Why did you take up target shooting rather than another sport?

Jennifer: I wanted to do what my parents did. I was also not particularly well coordinated as a kid so I struggled with a lot of more active sports.  I also wasn't the greatest team player so I liked the individual aspect of shooting.

ELEY: Is there a particular person who inspired you and do they continue to inspire you?  Or was it something that you tried and found you were good at naturally?

Jennifer: My parents obviously inspired me to begin with and continue to do so to this day, although in a different way now.

ELEY: What made you like target shooting so much that you wanted to become a professional athlete?

Jennifer: I enjoy winning and the only way to win is to train hard.


Thanks to Jennifer for this interview. Stay tuned for more shooters' stories.