International Single Shot Association Schuetzenfest

Written By: Scott W. Elliott, Arizona, International Single Shot Association

On March 25th, 2016 the International Single Shot Association (ISSA) initiated it’s three day Schuetzenfest at the Ben Avery Range in Phoenix, Arizona. Day one was dedicated to rimfire events and .25 caliber events. The remaining days involved shooting larger caliber rifles, most often being in the .32 bore diameter.

The rimfire event consisted of benchrest shooting and offhand shooting. Both were performed at 100 yards and the participant could use any type of sight. One may participate in both events or a single event. Throughout the matches you would see a vast array of rifles, optics and equipment. I became interested in this activity because of the actual types of firearms being used. I find single shot rifles to be aesthetically pleasing and command the ultimate discipline in shooting skill. On the firing line you would see rifles such a Ballard, Stevens 44 and 44 ½, Winchester 1885 (old and current production), BSA Martini, Haenel and the list goes on. In regards to optics, one would see peep sites, vintage external adjustment scopes and current production scopes being used effectively. Ammunition that is consistent in quality is essential due to the level of precision the participant aspires for. Additionally, many participants utilized wind flags, a spotting scope and a front rest. The author used a BSA Martini MKII with a Lyman Super Target Spot, Killoughs Windflags, a windage adjustable front rest and Eley Match ammunition.

Don Hanks Don Hanks

Results of .22 event:

1st Chip Mate – 901.09
2nd Randy Wright – 892.12
3rd Klaus Schattleitner – 878.12

For a complete list of results please visit:

Rimfire Schuetzen is a pleasurable pastime for participants. One may be as competitive as they wish or they may come out to participate in events because they love single shot rifles and enjoy the comradery. The spirit of this is not only noted at our local events, but also at our larger regional events. The Ben Avery Range hosts 2 regional events, the American Single Shot Rifle Association (ASSRA) Schuetzentfest in November and the ISSA event in March. The Ben Avery Range also holds monthly ASSRA events frequent practice sessions which are near weekly. The Phoenix Rod and Gun Club has also begun to host Rimfire/Smallbore Schuetzen events on nearly a monthly basis. In fact there are BSA Martini rifles available for people to use who may not own a single shot rifle.

Randy Wright ISSA Vice-President Randy Wright ISSA Vice-President

In closing I’ve participated in Schuetzen now for just a little over a year. I found this group to be very welcoming and eager to help new participants. If you are casual shooter, competitive shooter or just a lover of single shot rifle I think you would enjoy participating in one of our events. If you are not in the Phoenix area and are interested please check out and

Two competitors discussing the attributes of the single set trigger on this Winchester 1885 Two competitors discussing the attributes of the single set trigger on this Winchester 1885