Schou and ELEY join forces to launch a new cutting edge test facility in Oslo



On Saturday the 6th of June a brand new rifle and pistol test facility was opened by the Norwegian national shooting team in Klofta at the Schou head office. Among the team was shooting legend Harold Stenvaag, with over 67 international medals to his name including Olympic Silver and Bronze.



Harold said “It has taken many years but I’m really pleased that Schou and ELEY have come together and built this new test range. Having such an excellent facility in Oslo really gives our team an advantage. In my many years of shooting I have learnt it is extremely important to have the best ammunition matched to your rifle. The ISSF (International Shooting Sport Federation) who govern our sport have introduced decimal scoring, so unlike when I won my Olympic medals the centre of the shooting target is not just 10 points it’s now scored up to a 10.9. The level of world class shooting is getting better and if you don’t have the right rifle barrel and ammunition combination it can be the difference between making the final or watching your competitors win. Those 0.9 decimals soon add up.”

David Barton ELEY Sales and Marketing Director said “it’s a strange concept for non-shooters to grasp the importance of testing ammunition. At ELEY we often talk about the smallbore trinity, you have the shooter, the firearm and the ammunition. You need to eliminate all the possible variables you can so that you have 100% confidence in your equipment.  By testing with ELEY you know you have the best ammunition and firearm match then the rest is down to the shooter on the day. All ELEY test facilities are facsimiles of one another and slightly different to our competitors, not only do we test 40 shots (competitors traditionally test just 10-20) but we use electronic targets. The targets show each shot coordinate and the result is displayed by a 40 shot consolidated score using decimal places, like the ISSF scoring. Our competitors use an older group size method, but the flaw with this method for ISSF shooters is that you can never be sure where your individual shots have landed within the groups.  You many have a small group size but the majority of your shots could have hit the 10.4 ring rather than the 10.9. With shot coordinate data there is no doubt and our results speak for themselves. Our ammunition was used to win 14 of the 18 possible .22LR Olympic medals at the London 2012 Olympics. Athletes who have tested at our facilities have won 68% of the Rio 2016 Olympic quota places and 76% of ISSF 2015 medals so far. A new World Record was set this year by Croatian shooter Snjezana Pejcic in 50m Rifle 3P Women’s event shooting with test range ELEY ammunition from our Stuttgart facility”.



The ELEY test range will be run and managed by Schou a company well established in the premium firearms and ammunition industry in Norway and long-time partner and distributor of ELEY products in Norway. The facility will mean shooters from across all Nordic countries can travel and test their firearm with up to 20 different batches of ELEY tenex, the company’s premium flag ship ammunition. Also available will be ELEY edge testing, for shooters that still require high levels of accuracy but are not quite up to the level of shooting ELEY tenex. All shooters need to do is call Schou on +47 90258902 or email to book a slot at the test range. Once the test has been completed (which typically takes between 2 & 3 hours), for those testing ELEY edge the stock will be available for instant purchase and those testing ELEY tenex their selected batch will be shipped from the UK to their local retailer or distributor outside Norway.

The future plans for the range are to introduce a cold test facility cooling the ammunition and firearms down to -20c so biathlon teams can come and test ELEY tenex biathlon.

It is great to see a long standing British company of over 187 years join forces with such a forward thinking Norwegian firm, we hope this gives our Norwegian athletes the competitive advantage for the 2016 Olympics.

Images of the launch can be downloaded here:
ELEY Schou test range launch cutting the ribbon 1
ELEY Schou test range launch cutting the ribbon 2
ELEY Schou test range launch cutting the ribbon 3
ELEY Schou test range launch
ELEY tenex ELEY Schou test range launch
Harold Stenvaag at the ELEY Schou launch with ELEY tenex
Harold Stenvaag at the ELEY Schou launch with medals
Ole Kristian Bryhn at the ELEY Schou test range with ELEY tenex