• High Scores in Men's 50m Prone

    A great qualification shoot today in the Men’s 50m Prone, 627.4 to qualify for the final is just ridiculously high and one of the highest we have seen here on the Munich range.
  • ELEY shooters pave the way in Munich 2016 Munich World Cup

    On a hot and sticky range in Munich today there were a mixture of emotions and jubilations from those who triumphed, but also an element of sadness as this was possibly the last time elite athletes compete in the 50m Free Pistol on this prestigious Olympic range.
  • Hui claims finals World Record with ELEY tenex

    On the final day of the ISSF World Cup Rio the Men’s 50m 3 Positions event was held at the soon to by Olympic Shooting Centre.
  • Equal finals World Record & Gold for ELEY shooter Klimov

    Klimov equal finals World Record and takes Gold in the Men's 25m Rapid Fire Pistol final at the ISSF World Cup Rio.
  • New World Record and Gold medal for ELEY shooter Pejcic

    New World Record and Gold medal for ELEY shooter Pejcic in the Women's 3P final at the ISSF World Cup Rio.
  • An all podium in the Men's Prone

    At the Olympic Range in Rio de Janeiro today the 50m Men’s prone at the ISSF World Cup took place.
  • Grozdeva shone on an all ELEY podium

    The Women’s 25m Pistol completion took centre stage with 63% of the competitors in the elimination shooting ELEY, nearest competitor 25% in the Elimination.
  • Multiple Medals in Rio

    It was the first .22LR event at the ISSF World Cup Rio and the beginning of the Olympic Games test event today on the range. The adrenalin was pumping as the Men’s 50m Pistol qualification began with 80% of the athletes in the qualification stage using ELEY.
  • International Single Shot Association Schuetzenfest

    On March 25th the International Single Shot Association held a three day match in Phoenix, Arizona where shooters gathered to compete in multiple disciplines with single shot rifles.
  • Three more athletes added to Team USA

    After three days of grueling competition USA Shooting has added three new members to the Olympic Team.

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