• Sports Shooting Psychology – Commitment

    The final post in our Sports Shooting Psychology series is on Commitment - how to keep progressing and working on your goals. Written by Jamie Corkish.
  • ELEY serious about semi-auto

    ELEY force and ELEY contact: bringing Olympic level quality and accuracy to semi-automatic rifles.
  • Sports Shooting Psychology – Control

    Control – how to keep cool and keep your emotions in check no matter what’s happening during a competition. Written by ELEY shoooter Petra Zublasing
  • Sports Shooting Psychology – confidence

    Sports Shooting Psychology. Confidence - how to believe in what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Written by ELEY shooter Nicco Campriani.
  • Sports Shooting Psychology - Concentration

    Sports Shooting Psychology - Concentration. Staying focused in stressful competition situations by ELEY shooter Matt Emmons.
  • ELEY sponsored shooter Lizz is a Junior rising star

    ELEY sponsored shooter Lizz Bradbury is a Junior rising star. In September, at just 15 years of age, Lizz won the title of Women’s Junior British Air Rifle championships.
  • Shooters' stories - Jennifer McIntosh

    Jennifer McIntosh is a professional shooter with a great family history. We wanted to find out what makes Jennifer tick and so interviewed her to find out more...
  • ELEY Christmas Post Dates

    With our last postal date for Christmas ELEY clothing and ELEY accesorries orders fast approaching make sure you put your order in now to avoid disappointment
  • ELEY Seminar - Milford U.S.A.

    On Saturday 22nd of November newly-wed Jamie Corkish (formerly Jamie Gray) travelled to Milford, Massachusetts to present an ELEY seminar and mini-camp to coaches, shooters and parents alike.
  • Action in Azerbaijan - the ISSF World Cup

    ELEY shooter Otryad kicked off the 25m Pistol Women's competition in fantastic style, hitting five out of five targets in the first series, keeping up the high standard to remain in the lead as the competition progressed.

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