• Action in Azerbaijan - the ISSF World Cup

    ELEY shooter Otryad kicked off the 25m Pistol Women's competition in fantastic style, hitting five out of five targets in the first series, keeping up the high standard to remain in the lead as the competition progressed.
  • Zoe breaks NRSA shooting record

    A new record was set at the recent NRSA ELEY Competition, when Zoe Perkin became the youngest ever winner of the Benchrest event.
  • How to clean your rifle, the ELEY way

    In today’s post Martyn Buttery, ELEY’s UK Customer Range Officer, demonstrates how we recommend you clean your rifle to keep it in tip-top condition.
  • ELEY shooters firearms maintenance - Part 4

    Part four of our firearms maintenance series comes from Australian shooter, World Champion Warren Potent.
  • ELEY shooters firearms maintenance - Part 3

    This is part three of our firearms maintenance series where we ask ELEY shooters to tell us how they maintain their firearms for competition use.
  • News ELEY announces 42 million acquisition by LDC

    ELEY are delighted to announce that they have been acquired by LDC in a 42 million deal. LDC are private equity specialists with a 30 year history of supporting management buy-outs, equity release (cash out), development (DevCap) and acquisition finance transactions.
  • ELEY shooters firearms maintenance - Part 2

    Firearms maintenance is a serious business especially if you want to really get the most out of your barrel and ammunition combination. This is part two.
  • ELEY shooters elected to the ISSF Athletes Committee

    Congratulations to the ELEY shooters who are now members of the ISSF Athletes Committee!
  • ELEY shooters firearms maintenance - Part 1

    We asked ELEY shooters how they keep their firearms in tip-top condition for high level competition shooting and will be posting them out on the ELEY Bulletin over the next few weeks.
  • 100% ELEY podium in Granada

    The Men’s 50m 3P final started in thrilling fashion with the first 10.9 shot by Zhu in the second series.

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