Kamenskiy does it again with ELEY tenex

Sergey Kamenskiy’s neck is heavy with medals having won yet another title at the European Shooting Championships Maribor Slovenia, with ELEY tenex.

Today he won the 50m Rifle 3 Positions event in style, getting several 10.9’s and remaining at the top of the leader board throughout most of the competition.

The final began late, with the scoreboards needing to be fixed first. The athletes were patient and kept their nerve until the competition started. Once it began the atmosphere was great in the finals hall, with clapping and cheering from the audience throughout.

At the end of the kneeling stage in the competition it was Schmirl and Kamenskiy who took an early lead. Both athletes at different stages having scored 10.9’s with ELEY tenex.

The Prone series moved quickly on after the change over and Kamenskiy started to take a lead and ended the series with 310.1. After that moment he did not move from the stop spot even after the change-over to standing. It was such incredibly accurate shooting that he got a final score of 456.7 along with the Gold medal.



For the full results of the European Shooting Championships Maribor, Slovenia please visit the results page on the ELEY website here: http://www.eley.co.uk/news-info/results/

Following this accolade, Team Russia also picked up the team Gold medal for the Men’s 50m 3 Positions event. Giving Kamensky at the European Shooting Championships a total of; three Gold medals, one Silver medal, a new World Record and a new European Record, all with ELEY tenex!



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