Grozdeva shone on an all ELEY podium

Today was the second day of the .22LR competitions on the soon to be Olympic Rio range.

The Women’s 25m Pistol competition took centre stage with 63% of the competitors in the elimination shooting ELEY, nearest competitor 25% in the Elimination.

After the elimination stage the eight who made into the final were: Antoaneta Boneva (BUL), Monika Karsch (GER), Lijia Cao (CHN), Jingjin Zhang (CHN), Olena Kostevych (UKR), Ekaterina Korshunova (RUS), Maria Grozdeva (BUL) and Heidi Diethelm Gerber (SUI).

6 out of 8 of the athletes in the final were shooting ELEY ammunition.

The competition between these high level athletes was fierce and the crowd in the finals hall rallied behind them in support.

During the first five series, the athletes fought hard. Leaving the competition in 8th place was Korshunova with 13, 7th went to Boneva with 14, 6th to Cao with 15, and 5th place went to Diethelm Gerber with 16.

The audience waited in anticipation for the Bronze medal match between Karsch and Kostevych. After an exciting final it was Karsch who finished in 4th with 6 points and ELEY shooter Kostevych took the Bronze with 8 points.

The Gold medal match began with the current World Champion, ELEY shooter Zhang lining up against the ELEY shooter and the President of the Bulgarian shooting Union, Grozdeva to decide the final two medal positions.

Grozdeva performed exceptionally and only missed out on two points in the whole of the final. Making 5 hits in the last series, Grozdeva took the well-deserved Gold medal with a final score of 8. Zhang who had shot excellently throughout took the Silver.


Congratulations to Grozdeva who after this match has 16 World Cup Gold Medals, and many congratulations to all of the medal winners.