Gold medal, World Record and team triumphs

Gold medal Qualification World Record and Team Triumphs. Go ELEY!

The day started with Russian shooter Sergey Kamenskiy, obtaining a new qualification World Record in the Men’s 50m Prone Rifle event with a score of 632.3.

After this exceptional performance by Kamenskiy and the other Men’s Prone Rifle shooters, the Finals Hall filled up quickly with those who had managed to get tickets for the event.

During the competition first stage Potent and Shcherbatsevich tied for first place both getting a score of 62.5 and ensuring that they were leading the way for the others to catch up.

The leaderboard changed fractionally throughout the 2nd competition elimination stage and as the competition moved onto medalling places the atmosphere in the Finals Hall began to heighten.


The final round of the 2nd stage, the elimination was nail-biting. The ELEY team sat on the edge of their seats, with only 0.4 points between Gold and Silver medal positions. The audience began a slow clap which got faster as Potent and Brodmeier took their final shots. Brodmeier shot first, the audience held their breath; Potent fired and won the Gold by 1.4 points.


ELEY shooter Warren Potent shot his way to victory at the ISSF 51st World Championships and took home the Gold medal in the 50m Men’s Prone event, using batch selected ELEY tenex.


Shortly after Potent was crowned World Champion the Men's 50m Prone Team medals were awarded.


1st place was China with Zhao, Lan and Liu, 2nd place Belarus with Shcherbatsevich, Bubnovich and Martynov and Winning Bronze was Serbia with Pletikosic, Mirosavljev and Milenko. 7 of the 9 team medals were won using ELEY tenex.