French Biathlon Team choose ELEY as Official Supplier

ELEY are excited to announce they are now the official supplier of .22 LR to the French Biathlon team.

The French Team celebrates the first 2016 gold medal - IBU world championships biathlon, relay mixed, Oslo (NOR) The French Team celebrates the first 2016 gold medal - IBU world championships biathlon, relay mixed, Oslo (NOR)

The French Biathlon team have had a fantastic season “With 11 medals, 6 of them in gold, at the Oslo 2016 Biathlon World Championships, the French Biathlon Team proved it was one of the best teams on the biathlon circuit. This new partnership with the British ammunition leader is a real opportunity to supply the French athletes with the quality products they deserve and also to develop a close collaboration with the ELEY brand for future innovative products and projects.

There’s no doubt that the partnership between ELEY and the French Biathlon Team will push technological boundaries to reach the best results during the next 2 years.”
Michel VION, President of the French Ski Federation

Our new partnership with the team and the French Ski Federation promises to bring unprecedented levels of success, with the team’s skill and experience backed by ELEY’s ammunition and testing service.

The team tested at one of the five dedicated ELEY test centres around the world. They tested over 20 batches of ELEY tenex biathlon for each team member’s barrel. The extensive testing of 40 shots per batch is recorded on electronic targets pin pointing every shot. This testing practise is regarded as the best in the world and used regularly by many Olympic athletes.

ELEY have also invested in a cold test range in Oslo, Norway. This brand new range can be chilled down to -20 to accurately replicate the shooting conditions and provide a reliable test result.

ELEY tenex biathlon was developed to perform with precision and reliability under challenging conditions. Innovations including a specially formulated lubricant, increased propellant charge, and fractionally smaller diameter for easy functioning, all these features increased performance in cold weather.

ELEY are proud to be part of this alliance with the French Biathlon team and look forward to sharing many successes together in the new season.

FFS team Photo FFS team Photo