ELEY shooters firearms maintenance - Part 3

This is part three of our firearms maintenance series where we ask ELEY shooters to tell us how they maintain their firearms for competition use.

Today’s post comes from Norwegian shooter Ole-Kristian Bryhn who filled us in on how he maintains his firearms for competition shooting.


Ole-Kristian: Before I attend a big competition, I always test my rifle in the bench position and do the following:

  • I ensure that I have 5 Nm on torque on my screws before I start testing.
  • I always test my best lot of ammunition first.
  • I shoot 4x10 shots (2x10 shots from one box, and then 2x10 shots from another box).
  • If the results are the same as the last time I tested the ammunition then I'm happy with it!

After shooting from bench position, I then move on to further testing and shoot 40-60 shots from my shoulder to see how the rifle is working in general.


It's really important to say that as well as doing the above before a competition, I regularly maintain my firearm. I clean my rifle after every single training session and at every competition to make sure that it is 100% precise and in good working order every time I use my firearm.