ELEY shooters firearms maintenance - Part 1

Firearms maintenance is exceptionally important. If you want to get the best results from your ammunition as well as making sure your firearm is safe, it is essential to regularly maintain it.

We asked ELEY shooters how they keep their firearms in tip-top condition for high level competition shooting and will be posting them out on the ELEY Bulletin over the next few weeks.

Sarah Beard from USA shooting is the first in this series to fill us in on what the most important things are to her when maintaining her firearm.

Sarah: Possibly the most important thing I do to ensure my firearms are in good working order before competition is simply giving them routine maintenance. While this includes having them consistently serviced, I also make sure to clean my rifles on a regular basis after training sessions. If I notice anything unusual with the gun, I immediately look into it further to make sure everything is in perfect working order and nothing is broken or out of place.


I also routinely check the mark on the brass to make sure the firing pin is striking cleanly. Besides this, I check the torque on my rifle and make sure all the screws are tightened on sights, buttplates, riser blocks, etc.


Thanks Sarah for your tips on firearms maintenance. Keep watching this space for tips from our next ELEY shooter...