ELEY shooters firearms maintenance - Part 4

Firearms maintenance is an essential part of shooting; no matter what level shooter you are, from beginner to professional, it's something that everyone has to do.

Part four of our firearms maintenance series comes from Australian shooter, Warren Potent.


Warren recently took the Gold medal in the Men's 50m Prone Rifle competitions at the ISSF World Championship in Granada and the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, and has shared with us his tips for firearms maintenance.

Warren: This is an overview of how I maintain my firearms:

  • I clean my barrel every time I shoot - this is exceptionally important.
  • I spend time cleaning under the loading platform every 3 months.
  • About every four months I clean and lubricate (adjust if necessary) the trigger.
  • I fully disassemble, clean and lubricate the bolt about every 6 months.
  • Since I travel with my rifle taken apart, the bedding screws are torqued up before competitions.
  • I clean and lubricate the rear sight every 9 months.
  • I also check the sling keeper on the hand-stop for wear every 12 months.

Many thanks Warren for your very useful tips on how you maintain your firearms for competition use.

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