ELEY launch new range in Munich

Get precisely on target at ELEY’s new test range in Munich, Germany. Based at the Olympic Shooting Range and launching at the ISSF World Cup in May, the new facility is perfectly located to help competitors find the ultimate barrel and ammo combination.

ELEY’s batch testing process is unique. Every shot is tracked by competition-spec targets and plotted by our patented software to record the consolidated score. This gives much greater accuracy than the traditional group testing method. 40 shots of the current ammunition sets the benchmark, a custom built gemini vice secures the barrel and action, then 20 batches of ELEY tenex or ELEY edge ensures that a great match is found. This barrel matching technique is so successful that the competitor’s ammunition is beaten 49 times out of 50.

If you’re confident in your current ammo then take the ELEY tenex challenge: we’ll give away 5,000 free rounds if we can’t beat your best batch of competing ammunition. Book your place today and take advantage of this great offer.

How to book

The new Munich range will be open from 18-23 May 2017, and will be open for all international and domestic match dates so please book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Visit ELEY's German test ranges page for more information and to book your place, or contact Denis Weingart our Customer Range Officer. When near misses aren’t acceptable, don’t take chances! Book your space today.

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