Double medal win for Gorsa

After a hard fought match in qualification against the windy city of Baku , the top score in this competition was Peter Gorsa of Croatia with 1173 , joining him in the final eight were Kim (KOR), Rumpler (AUT), Kurkhi (FIN), Rajput (IND), Tsarkov (UKR), Li (CHN) and Sidi (HUN). A top level field who’d negotiated the qualification match.

The first kneeling series of 5 shots saw some excellent shots going down the range, you could feel in the atmosphere these athletes meant business, and this final could go to anyone. After the three kneeling series it was Gorsa who lead with 154.0 points to Rajput’s 153.9 with Li on 152.0, close and exciting stuff.


The change over from kneeling to prone was now in progress and the audience could see the concentration on all the athletes faces as they prepared and started to sight in for the prone section of the final. Unfortunately young Kim only managed to get 3 sighter’s in and his first shots on the series were lower scoring than he would have liked. He dropped down the table slightly, leaving a lot of work for his standing series. As the number of shots increased the closeness of the scores was inevitable, after the third series of prone it was Li of China with some superb prone shooting who took the lead by 0.2 of a point , only 1.4 points separating 2nd place from fifth . With scores this close it could still go to anyone and nobody at this stage was guaranteed a medal.

Changeover to standing was swift and the athletes were keen to get as many sighter’s down as possible and settle into their shot routine. The first 5 competition shots went down, all athletes putting in good shots but Sidi seemed to climb the table from sixth to third, gaining some momentum in the match. Kim now really started to show what he could do and started to make his way back uo the leader board with every shot fired. And with the next 5 shots series we had our first eliminations with Kurkhi finishing eighth and Rumpler in seventh , fine athletes who I’m sure we will be seeing again in finals soon.

The 41st shot Tsarkovsaw the Ukrainian eliminated from the match who finished with 413.2, then it was time to settle fifth position with the 42nd shot.
Peter Sidi ended up in fifth place having slipped down from third , leaving Gorsa , Kim , Li and Rajput in the top four places , who was going to be in the medal positions after the 43rd shot ?

The audience started to clap and the pressure rose for the athletes. With all athletes taking their shots it was Li who took fourth, after earlier leading the final during the prone section, His highest placing in a world cup match in this event.


The 44th shot decided Bronze and it was Kim who took third place with 445.5 finishing with a 10.6 on his last shot, truly amazing shooting.

Gorsa had the smallest of leads over Rajput who seemed determined to take the Gold , but with the 45th shot released it became clear that Gorsa had done enough to take Gold with 457.5 against Rajput who finished with silver and a score of 456.9.


Our congratulations to all the finalists.