CHARTing our R&D with Birmingham University

The CHART project has been set up for SME’s, by Birmingham University with the aim to help boost efficiency and innovation across the region, it is supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

The project consists of open days, workshops and collaborative initiatives, which ELEY have taken part in (on several occasions). Open days have been particularly useful for our Engineering and Continuous Improvement teams.

CHART sessions include talks by academics and demonstrations of advanced techniques in Research and Development (R&D).

John-Smith-ELEY-CHARTImage: John Smith working in the ELEY lab.

The techniques that ELEY have used at CHART include X-ray Tomography (XRT), where objects are scanned in three dimensions. The output is a three dimensional image from the XRT, which can be coloured according to the density of material X-rayed. The benefit of this type of R&D technique is that it gives our engineers the possibility to examine slices of an image and investigate what is happening inside an object e.g. an ELEY cartridge.

Other advance techniques used at CHART by ELEY have been Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) to enable measurement of the exact thickness of the copper oxide coating on our black ELEY edge cases.

John Smith, ELEY’s Continuous Improvement Chemist attended the open day recently and spoke to Birmingham University about it: “The open day was an opportunity not to be missed by SME’s. The open discussion with academics and other business attendees was particularly useful and connections have been made with other industries. Demonstrations and talks around the different equipment, techniques and methodologies have opened up ideas for using the CHART equipment. This has enabled us to gain expert and practical analysis, thus allowing for innovation and continuous improvement at the ELEY factory.”

We look forward to working with Birmingham University on further projects and open days at CHART in order to contribute to solutions and build strong relationships.