Analyse your ammunition with ELEY

ELEY shooters can now check out the performance of a batch of ammunition before they buy. The revolutionary lot analyser unlocks the batch number to reveal essential information such as velocity, group size, shot distribution, date loaded and ballistic coefficient. First launched in the US and now rolled out worldwide, the service brings greater choice and clarity to the consumer.

Every barrel is unique and dozens of factors affect accuracy. The statistics revealed by the lot analyser eliminate uncertainty and help you choose the best batch of ammunition for your needs.

To access the analyser visit and enter the batch number found on the side of the box. It can be used for all ELEY ammunition from 2015 onwards, including the new ELEY ventus air pellets. The analyser is designed for use on the move at stores and competitions, so is fast, easy to use, and highly visual.

ELEY ammunition is trusted to deliver the highest possible performance for every product and price level. The new service brings professional analysis and insight to every ELEY shooter, whether your passion is competition, recreational, or hunting.