100% ELEY podium in Granada

The Men’s 50m 3P final started in thrilling fashion with the first 10.9 shot by Zhu in the second series.

Hansen led after the first 10 shots and retained his lead with the highest kneeling score of 52.6 ,Kamenskiy trying to match this sucess held second place and Zhu was in third.
The final series in the prone position began with all of the first shots within the 10 ring. Campriani came back fighting in the prone series and scored and incredible 53.3, an amazing score which was rewarded with loud applause from the audience. The order of the top three had changed to Kamenskiy, Zhu and Kulich with a total of 308.3, 307.5 and 306.7 respectively.
After the changeover period the standing session began. Zhu took the lead after the first shot and Kamenskiy was down to Bronze position after three shots, showing the challenges the athletes face in the standing position. Han reached the highest score after the seventh series with 49.5, and a solid string from Kamenskiy in the eighth series saw him regain the lead. At the bottom of the field Campriani was eliminated despite qualifying first and some great groups. The battle to avoid the second elimination was decided with a shoot-off between Louginets and Hansen, until Louginets was victorious by the smallest margin.

At this stage five single shots would decide the medal positions. Louginets was the next to be eliminated, with only 5.3 between the final five. Kamenskiy scored highest on the next shot to extend his lead, while Kulich needed to gain 0.8 to save himself and despite a great shot only 0.1 difference saw him eliminated.
The medalling athletes were now decided, led by Kamenskiy followed by Zhu and Bubnovich. After the next shot Zhu took the lead by 0.3, with Bubnovich earning the Bronze medal for Belarus.
It all came down to the final shot.

After wild applause and cheers from the spectators Zhu shot a 10.3 to secure the Gold medal.
It was a fantastic final with thoroughly deserved medals for the ELEY shooters – congratulations to all three.