Action in Azerbaijan - the ISSF World Cup

The ELEY team report on .22LR events.

The mountains of Gabala in Azerbaijan were a beautiful setting for the final ISSF event of the year.


ELEY shooter Otryad kicked off the 25m Pistol Women's competition in fantastic style, hitting five out of five targets in the first series, keeping up the high standard to remain in the lead as the competition progressed.

The Bronze medal match was staged over five series of five shots and after a thrilling contest Zhang took the Bronze using ELEY ammunition.

Otryad and Karsch then stepped up to compete for the Gold medal. The match was very close, with Karsch taking an early lead, only for Otryad to draw the next series. Karsch rallied to take the fourth and fifth series, winning the Gold medal.

Russian Team win Gold and Silver

Following a thrilling 25m Rapid Fire Pistol match, the Russian team were victorious with Ekimov winning the Gold medal and Klimov taking home the Silver medal using ELEY ammunition.

Reitz was the first to be eliminated after the fourth series, Ekimov, Klimov and Li all competed for the coveted Gold, Silver and Bronze medal place positions. Li took Bronze, Klimov won Silver and Ekimov took the Gold medal with a World Record matching 35 points.


Kamenskiy claims 3P Gold using ELEY tenex

The Men’s 50m 3 Positions match was a great demonstration of shooting skill.

Scores of 52.3 and 52.2 from Bryhn using ELEY tenex in the first and second Kneeling series saw the Norwegian in first position, trailed by Sauveplane and Brodmeier. A 52.9 from Kamenskiy moved him into third position, which he exceeded with a 53.3 in the fifth series.

In the Standing position Brodmeier took the lead in the seventh series, matched by Kang and Bryhn in the eighth, after which Campriani and Louginets were eliminated.

The match now moved to single shots and following clapping from the audience Kang, Cao and Sauveplane were the next to leave the contest. Bryhn took the Bronze medal and with Kamenskiy holding the lead by 1.2 points his final shot secured him the Gold medal using ELEY tenex. It was an incredible performance and another great win for the Russian team.

Sunday’s competitors battle for glory

Sunday saw excitement and drama as dense fog delayed some matches, but the shooters maintained their focus to deliver a fantastic day of finals.

The first to take place was the Women’s 3P final, with World Champion Warren Potent providing commentary for ISSF TV. It was one of the most thrilling events of the World Cup so far and included some outstanding scores including a 53.7 from Amy Sowash in Prone.

Zublasing began to establish a strong lead, as Gauss, Roesken, Yi, Westerheim and Sowash were eliminated in turn.

Chang took the Bronze medal after a shoot off and ELEY shooters Zublasing and Pejcic competed for the Gold medal. Zublasing took the Silver medal and under immence pressure Pejcic scored a 10.2 to take the Gold.



The Men’s 50m Pistol final followed with some great scores by the athletes including 10.8's from Mikec and Wang.

It was very close at the bottom of the table, until Matsuda shot well to climb from eighth to fourth. Gourianov, Pu, Carrera and Mikec were eliminated as Matsuda continued to score consistently to gain second place. Wang shooting ELEY ammunition led at this point with Pang in third and Rai in fourth.

Pang held his nerve to take the Bronze. ELEY shooter Matsuda scored a 10.7 to challenge for the Gold, but a 10.5 from Wang earned him first place, with Matsuda taking a hard-fought Silver.

The ISSF World Cup final finished in style


The Mens 50m Prone final featured some of the finest shooting of the event and was a great end to a fantastic competition.

Junghaenel shot well using ELEY tenex to score 31 in the first series. Brodmeier scored a great 32 in the next, and continued to score highly to lead, followed by Zhao and Junghaenel.

Following some precise shooting, Junghaenel took the Bronze for the German team. Zhao shooting ELEY tenex and in his first appearance in a World Cup Final, took the Silver and Brodmeier the Gold.


The ELEY team look forward to seeing you at the next ISSF event, next year in 2015.