A day of First’s

The 25m Women’s pisto final was incredible here in Baku we saw experienced Olympic shooters such as Kim, Chen and Kostevych battle against first time finalist Korakaki from Greece.

Before the Final Boneva mentioned to the ELEY team that for the first time in her career she felt shaky and nervous. For most of these shooters this is the last time they will face rival competitors before Rio and you can tell the tension is mounting.

The first series started with a tie for first place between Boneva, Chen and Medvedva but after series two Kostevych jumped to first with Boneva second.
Out of nowhere young Korakaki hit a perfect 5 in the third series accelerating her straight to the number one stop, then came another perfect 5 this time from Boneva and at this stage in the final it was dominated by Boneva, Korakaki and Medvedva.


Then came the shoot off for the bronze medal match between Kostevych and Kim.. however completely unaware it was not her shoot off Chen also shot. It’s comforting for all the nervous junior shooters to know that even shooting legends can make mistakes. Kim went through to face Chen.

Chen like the pro she is just brushed off the previous shots and got straight back to the Bronze medal match. It was like London 2012 all over again with these two battling it out for a medal. Kim started strong and after the second series was 4 points up on Chen. Kim remain ahead and took the medal spot.

The battle for Gold was unbelievable, we had Boneva experienced and hungry for her first Gold and Korakaki her first final and already beaten her shooting idols.
Boneva’ s first series was a blinding 5 clean shots followed by another win putting her 4 points in front of Korakaki and some thought a done deal.

Series three Korakaki fought back and the score was 4-2, the next series was a tie 4-4 building more pressure on the next series to win. With everyone on the edge of their seats both shooters scored 3 hits, another tie 5-5 these women were not going to give up without a fight and everyone could feel it.

The next series Boneva hit 3 and Korakaki 1, Boneva had won her first every gold and Korakaki her first every World Cup medal. It was just amazing to watch..