71% of medals were won at ESC with ELEY tenex!

A total of 15 out of 21 medals were won by athletes using ELEY tenex (and ELEY tenex pistol) at the European Shooting Championships in Maribor, Slovenia!

The medal count was:

  • 5 Gold medals
  • 6 Silver medals
  • 4 Bronze medals

In addition to this ELEY tenex also helped to win a New World Record in the Mens 50m Rifle Prone qualification! Watch an interview with Kamenskiy the new World Record holder here: http://www.eley.co.uk/the-bulletin/two-minutes-with-sergey-kamenskiy/

Adding to the total medal count was the final .22LR event at the Championships with the Men’s 25m Rapid Fire Pistol event.

Six athletes lined up, hoping to step foot on the podium but only three could win a place.

At the end of the first series it was tied between three athletes all having hit the maximum number of targets (five hits); Bondaruk, Klimov and Geis.

Moving onto series three, after 15 shots it was ELEY shooter Klimov who moved up to the top position on the leaderboard and was in 1st place. Reiz at this point was in the danger-zone in 6th and was fighting not to get eliminated.

Series four after 20 shots saw Reiz exit the competition in 6th place. Following him in 5th (after a shoot off between Bondaruk and Bessaguet), was Bessaguet and in 4th  place position went to Bondaruk.

Klimov was in 1st place, one point behind was Geiz in 2nd and Llames in 3rd as the podium positions were to be decided…

Llames made three hits and then took the Bronze medal, Klimov also made 3 hits and Geiz made four hits tying the Gold and Silver place positions with a total of 29 hits throughout the competition.

In the end it came down to a one point difference; Klimov made four hits and Geiz made five, meaning that ELEY shooter Klimov took the Silver medal and Geiz took the Gold.

25m Rapid Fire Pistol Men Meddalists

Image from European Shooting Championships Maribor official Facebook page.

With 71% of medals going to shooters using ELEY tenex the ELEY team are delighted! Check out the results from the European Shooting Championships Maribor, Slovenia here.


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