2011 NATWEST Island Games

This year’s NatWest Island Games saw over 4000 athletes, supporters and officials descend on the Isle of Wight. With 14 sports played at 23 locations over 6 days, ELEY is proud to sponsor the .22 section of the games. The shooting event in all had 101 competitors shooting in 26 competitions, with an average of 4 events per competitor – 397 competitor events. The events combined various different disciplines with several variations of ammunition.

The event organising committee headed by Derek Toms and Barry Hall, made sure everything ran smoothly and used all resources available. This included turning Haseley Manor into the temporary Air rifle and pistol range.

The .22 events were held at Downend Range and used for both the 100yd and 50m rifle prone and 50m Free Pistol. Most day's shooting began at 9am and finished at 6pm over the duration of the competition. Ammunition was provided by FOC throughout as required by the Games Rules.

At Newtown we supplied the last batch of RG 7.62mm 155gn, although most competitors either used the 6mm calibre or their own 7.62mm brand.

At Downend Short range, .32” and .38” Magtech was ably supplied by Derek Bernard of Jersey Pistol Club, who also arranged for spare rimfire and centrefire pistols to be available for the UK teams to compete with.

At Downend Long Range, Eley Ltd donated all the Tenex, Tenex Pistol and Pistol Match rimfire ammunition, which was in turn supplied to FOC to the competitors on the firing point.

Competition results :-

Results: All competitions were 60/40 shot ISSF, RECORD =Games Record.

ALA=Aland, GOT=Gotland, IOM=Isle of Man, IOW=Isle of Wight, GIB=Gibraltar, JER=Jersey, GUE=Guernsey

300m Ind prone Open Lars Larssen GOT 578
300m Team prone Open Lars Larsson & Bjorn Ahlby GOT 1143
50m Ind prone Men Richard Wilson IOW 696.7 RECORD
50m Ind prone Women Rachel Glover IOM 589 RECORD
50m Team prone Men Richard Wilson & Paul Cotton IOW 1161
50m Team prone Women Rachel Glover & Lara Ward IOM 1164 RECORD
100yd Ind prone Men Bjorn Ahlby GOT 583
100yd Ind prone Women Rachel Glover IOM 583
100yd Team prone Men Albert Buhagiar & Wayne Piri GIB 1164
100yd Team prone Women Rachel Glover & Lara Ward IOM 1154

Free Pistol Ind open Tomas Morn ALA 523
Free Pistol Team open Fredrick Blomquist & Tomas Morn ALA 1030

Standard Pistol Ind Open David Ward JER 547
Standard Pistol Team Open Bengt Hyytainen & Peter Nordgren GOT 1080

Sport Pistol Ind Mary Norman JER 547 RECORD
Sport Pistol Team Mary Norman & Nikki Holmes JER 1106

Centrefire Pistol Ind Jonathon Patron GIB 566
Centrefire Pistol Team Derek Bernard & David Ward JER 1093

Air Pistol Men Ind Tomas Morn ALA 649.7
Air Pistol Women Ind Tara Lane GUE 449.1
Air Pistol Men Team Peter Nordgren & Pontus Nordgren GOT 1118 RECORD
Air Pistol Women Team Nikki Holmes & Mary Norman 725 RECORD

Air Rifle Men Ind Andreas Virtanen ALA 688.3 RECORD
Air Rifle Women Ind Heloise Manasco GIB 492.6 RECORD
Air Rifle Men Team Tom Mattson & Andreas Virtanen ALA 1154
Air Rifle Women Team Josephin Ahlby & Sandra Pettersson GOT 759

ELEY would like to thank everyone involved who helped make this event a great success, and our special thanks go to Derek Toms and Barry Hall.