• name: Thomas MATHIS
  • year of birth: 1990
  • nationality: Austrian
  • birthplace: Feldkirch, Austria
  • discipline(s): FR3X40,FR60PR
  • personal best: 629,3 in Prone and 1174 in 3 Position
  • personal coach: Wolfram Waibel jun
  • national coach: Hubert Bichler
  • shoots with: Bleiker and ELEY tenex


Thomas started shooting at the age of nine. His idol then was Waibel Wolfram Jun and he still is now.

Waibel Wolfram Jun and his father taught him the basics and he started well and keeps learning to this day.

After finishing school Thomas became a soldier in the Austrian military and after several years (which he thoroughly enjoyed) he began working as a professional in shooting sports. Thomas now works on all kinds of sports servicing (repairs, testing and selling etc.) within the sport shooting industry which he loves doing.

60 seconds with Thomas

tell us an interesting fact about yourself

I really love fast and beautiful cars.

what is your proudest moment?

When I won a Silver medal in Prone at the 2013 World Cup, Munich. It was exactly at the moment I was getting the medal on the podium next to one of my biggest shooting idols - Raymond Debevec!

what training tips can you offer?

Work hard and trust yourself.

what is the best advice you've ever been given?'

“Nearly is not enough”.