• name: Olena KOSTEVYCH
  • year of birth: 1985
  • nationality: Ukraine
  • birthplace: Chernigov, Ukraine
  • discipline(s): AP40,SP
  • personal coach: Igor Cheredinov
  • national coach: Igor Cheredinov


Olena was born in the Far East, in the Khabarovsk city. When she was three years old her family moved 9000km away from Khabarovsk to Chernigov (Ukraine).

She started to train shooting when she was eleven years old. Two years later first traces of success were already noticeable. Four years later she took part in her first international competition (European Air Gun Championship 2000 in Munich).

At the age of 17 years she won the World Championship and at 19 she became Olympic Champion.

60 seconds with Olena

tell us an interesting fact about yourself

My father and I have the birthday on the same day.

what qualifications do you hold?

I have graduated two universities and have qualifications in both economics and physical education.

what is your proudest moment?

Standing on Olympic podium.

what training tips can you offer?

Control your emotions and train regularly.

do you have a favourite motto or saying?

No pain, no gain.

what is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

“Consider your high results as a normal and a usual thing".