• name: Jonas JACOBSSON
  • year of birth: 1965
  • nationality: Swedish
  • birthplace: Stockholm
  • discipline(s): FR60PR
  • pb: 3x40 1188, prone (600) 630, air rifle (600) 630
  • coach: Pernilla Svensson
  • shoots with: Bleiker


Jonas started shooting when he was eight years old, his father and brothers were all shooters, so it was natural for him to take up the sport. Beginning first with air rifle, Jonas then moved onto fullbore and began shooting at 50m when he was around 15 years old.

Jonas’s passion for shooting continued throughout his teenage years and in 1979, he took part in his first international competition and never looked back. In 1980 Jonas participated in his first Paralympic Games and gained Gold and Bronze medals – demonstrating what an excellent shooter he had become. Since that date Jonas has participated in every Paralympic games and gained at least one Gold medal at these events.

In 2011 Jonas began shooting Prone in World Cups across the globe, competing against able-bodied shooters, and so far he has reached one final and one shoot off.

Jonas has an impressive medal count. He has won: 16 Gold, three Silver and nine Bronze in the Paralympics to date. Further to this he has also taken home 17 Gold medals in the World Championships making him one of the most decorated shooters of all time. In fact, Jonas holds the record as the Paralympian who holds the most medals across any male sport.

60 seconds with Jonas

what is your proudest moment?

I have a couple of very proud moments in my career; When I received SvD medal of honour for the best sport achievement in 2008 for Sweden and when I was nominated for Laureus Sports Awards in 2004 and 2008.

do you have a motto or saying?

I don’t have a motto, but when it comes to advice...

what is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

...always listen to advice and think if that advice would be good for you, no matter who gives it. You might get the best advice from someone you didn’t think could give you advice

tell us an interesting fact about yourself

I played basketball for Sweden in the games in 1988.

what training tips can you offer?

Do what you believe in, train hard and build true self-confidence.