• name: Bill COLLAROS
  • year of birth: 1963
  • nationality: Australian
  • birthplace: Sydney
  • discipline(s): Benchrest
  • pb: Gold team medals in WRABF World Championships
  • coach: Self-coached
  • shoots with: Don Stith Stock, Border Barrel, Lynx Scope, Baity’s Falcon Action


Bill grew up playing volleyball, representing New South Wales and Australia at junior level and A Grade. As he got older, injuries forced him to retire but the competitive passion still flowed. After watching the Olympics in Athens and seeing the shooting events, he decided he would like to try it and said to his wife ‘I always hit the ducks at the carnival and win you a toy!’. Bill started competitive rimfire Benchrest target shooting in 2006, has been Australian Team Captain since 2008 and President of the World Rimfire & Air Rifle Benchrest Federation since 2009.

Bill was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. Since leaving school he has built up a large and successful commercial cleaning and caretaking business which employs over 100 people and spans Sydney to Brisbane.

He is married with two kids and family is a huge part of his life, along with shooting, sports, fine wine and travel. He describes himself as driven, organised, loyal and passionate.

60 seconds with Bill

what is your proudest moment?

Hearing the National Anthem played after I won my 1st Gold medal at the WRABF World Championships.

what training tips can you offer?

Evolve or dissolve and never rest at the top.

do you have a motto or saying?

You can do it.

what is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

In shooting think 10 every shot

what is your personal best in shooting?

Gold team medals and many top 10 finishes in WRABF World Championships.