ELEY edge mobile testing

what is ELEY edge mobile testing?

Ensure you have the best match for your rifle and increase your competition confidence.

Set up especially for individuals who want to test ELEY edge in their region, ELEY edge mobile testing is available across the country and testing is suitable for shooters of all abilities.

Whether you’re an individual looking to book a single test for your rifle barrel, or a club that wants to test several rifles, you are welcome to attend.

ELEY’s portable mobile testing rig is robust and accurate, providing reliable and repeatable results for ELEY customers across the country.

ELEY edge mobile testing allows shooters who are unable to visit our permanent UK test range access to barrel matching with an advanced scientifically developed cartridge.

ELEY edge breaks engineering boundaries with an innovative approach to improving accuracy. This advanced, cartridge is instantly recognisable by its matt-black oxidised finish, developed to microscopically increase the friction between the case and the projectile, the resulting stabilised projectile release force delivers greater internal ballistic consistency ultimately providing the shooter with more consistent projectile flight.

For more information on ELEY edge please visit: www.eley.co.uk/en/ammunition/edge

find ELEY edge mobile testing near you

date location dealer booking telephone booking email
22/05/2015 East Grinstead R &PC East Grinstead R &PC 079 21 21 456 9 N/A
30-31/05/2015 Stowlangtoft- IP31 3JU Riflecraft 01379 853745 N/A
21-27/06/2015 Jersey Island Games Target Sports Jersey 01534 869761 N/A
04-10/07/2015 Fort Lauder, Scotland NSRA Scottish Meeting 01483 485507 N/A

are you a dealer or a club wanting to book a mobile testing event?

ELEY edge mobile testing events can be booked free for dealers and clubs. We provide all of the equipment, range officers and expertise but require a minimum of 20 people booked in to attend.

If you’re interested in hosting an ELEY edge mobile testing event, get in touch for more information.