A very affordable and good quality general purpose cartridge.

ELEY Sport (previously branded as Standard and Target) is a good value entry level round.

A great quality general purpose cartridge, the most accurate cartridge at this entry level on the market. Use Sport at the first step to precision shooting at ranges up to 50m.

New to the sport of target shooting? Then Sport is for you.

Please note Sport is branded as Target in the USA.


Three positions (3-p)
Lightweight sports rifle
Sports pistol
Free pistol
Standard pistol

Bullet weight: 2.59 grams
40 grains

Lubricant: Paraffin Wax

Profile: Round Nose

Muzzle: 331 (m/sec)
1085 (ft/sec)

50m / 50yds: 303 (m/sec)
994 (ft/sec)

91m / 100yds: 285 (m/sec)
935 (ft/sec)

Muzzle: 14.5 (Kg.m)
105 (

50m / 50yds: 12.1 (Kg.m)
88 (

91m / 100yds: 10.7 (Kg.m)
78 (

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