ELEY’s Club product is well established in the market, and is used within all disciplines up to 50m range. It’s a popular cartridge of choice for the club shooter. With great accuracy, Club has been a consistent winner in competitions.

Club is also a good starting point for any shooters who are getting into shooting with the Olympic disciplines of Prone and 3-P.


Three positions (3-p)
Free pistol
Standard pistol
Lightweight sports rifle

Bullet weight: 2.59 grams
40 grains

Lubricant: Paraffin Wax

Profile: Round Nose

Muzzle: 331 (m/sec)
1085 (ft/sec)

50m / 50yds: 303 (m/sec)
994 (ft/sec)

91m / 100yds: 285 (m/sec)
935 (ft/sec)

Muzzle: 14.5 (Kg.m)
105 (

50m / 50yds: 12.1 (Kg.m)
88 (

91m / 100yds: 10.7 (Kg.m)
78 (

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