For more than 150 years, the ELEY brand has been synonymous with quality, consistency and medal winning accuracy.

ELEY’s research and development team consistently strives to set new standards in engineering innovation. We break boundaries by continuously improving our ammunition always aiming to lead the way in .22LR performance.

Our forward looking approach has led to new products such as ELEY edge. An all-black cartridge which features a scientifically developed surface treatment, increasing the friction between the case and bullet to give a more consistent propellant burn and most importantly increases accuracy.

ELEY edge joins our existing product line which ranges from the world-famous ELEY tenex cartridge to the training oriented ELEY sport round. All rifle, pistol and action types are catered for, including specialised cartridges such as ELEY tenex biathlon for biathlon shooters in the toughest conditions and sub-zero temperatures and ELEY subsonic hollow a super quiet and accurate round for game and varmint hunting.

In common with target shooters around the globe, we consistently strive for perfection.

Whichever ELEY cartridge you choose, you can be assured that each is perfectly suited for its purpose, helping you to make every shot count.

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