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what sort of ammunition should I buy?

Always buy the best available, or at least the best you can afford.

ELEY offers a range of Ammunition which caters for different levels of shooters and price ranges, which can be used in Rifle, Pistol, Semi automatic Rifles, and Pistols for target shooting and recreational hunting.

can I buy direct from ELEY?

Shooters are unable to buy direct from the ELEY factory, a network of authorised distributors and dealers has been set up where you can purchase ELEY products from, please refer to the Distributors page of the website.

where is my nearest distributor?

By visiting the Distributors page on the website, you can locate your nearest supplier of ELEY ammunition.

how do you read a batch number?

Each box of ammunition has a Batch number reference.


what is a misfire?

You pull the trigger and it clicks without firing the round!.

what do I do in the event of a misfire?

On occasions, there can be a delay in igniting the primer, so wait at least 20 seconds before opening the bolt and ejecting the cartridge.

The best course of action would be to reinsert it and fire again as a sighter; if it still doesn't fire, please seek advice from your local RFD.Always keep the rifle pointing downrange in a safe direction.

You must always dispose of the round safely, by properly pulling the bullet out and emptying the case.

Fire the empty case in an old rifle to detonate the primer.

why do misfires happens?

The primer fails to ignite, thus failing to ignite the propellant. This can happen due to poor rifle strike (damaged firing pin and/or weak firing pin spring).

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